Labor, Birth, and Immediate Postpartum Care

Our midwifery team is available 24 hours a day to support you during labor and birth. When labor begins, you simply call us and we stay in contact with you and answer any questions you might have until the time comes for us to give you support in person. You will know your birth team long before labor begins so you will already have a sense of safety and confidence in the individuals you have chosen to assist you in the birthing experience. Throughout the labor process, your birth team will monitor both you and your baby and provide you competent mom & baby centered care.

Your expert birth team is prepared to recognize and handle complications or emergencies if they occur but we also believe that birth works! This means we do not have any routine interventions. We want all of our birthing moms to feel confident that they will be at the center of decision making for the birthing process.

If you need to transfer your care to the hospital during labor, your midwife will accompany you to the hospital and will provide the staff with relevant information regarding your perinatal and labor cares.

At a home birth our midwifery team typically stays with you for about 2 hours after the birth. During that time, we perform both mother and newborn assessments, support skin to skin bonding time, and provide breastfeeding assistance. We also clean up from the birth, provide you and your family with education, and make sure you have a meal. Our goal is to leave you ready to settle in for well earned rest and bonding time as a new family.   

At a birth center birth we provide all of the same services as we do in a home birth. Most families spend about 4 hours at the birth center after birth but if an extended stay is needed this can be accommodated for an additional fee.