Melissa Mayo, LDEM, CPM

I am a wife of 40 years to an amazing husband and the mother of two now-grown children born into the hands of midwives. The care I received with my babies influenced me to pursue birth work. I trained first as a childbirth educator, attended births as a doula, certified as a lactation consultant, and then became a midwife through the apprenticeship model in Alaska.

I’ve been involved with birth since 1981 and attended my first births as a student in ’82, becoming a midwife soon after the state passed the law in ’92 providing a midwifery board and an avenue to be a midwife in Alaska. I moved to Utah in 2001 and continue to enjoy serving families as a midwife now more than ever.

I savor the memories of being grandmother, mom, and midwife simultaneously at the births of my grandchildren. These were pinnacle experiences in my life that have fueled my passion to provide competent and compassionate care to those seeking guidance on their birth journey. I am honored to be a part of such a special time in your life and work to create a space that is peaceful and respectful. I believe that in a vast majority of cases, out of hospital birth provides the most comfortable environment for women to labor as well as the most gentle and safest welcome for baby.

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