Heidi Sylvester, CPM, LDEM

My birth education began in 2000 when my first daughter was born and I realized I wanted to know everything about the amazing process of birth and to find ways to help people have a better, more supported experience than ours had been. I started a long-term path towards midwifery by becoming a doula through a DONA training course in March of 2003.

In 2006 I started attending births as an apprentice and an assistant midwife. I became certified through the North American Registry of Midwives as a Certified Professional Midwife in 2012. I have been licensed to practice midwifery in Utah since 2013

In addition to self-study and traditional apprentice style training I have attended many, many hours of conferences and classes on a variety of medical, midwifery and birth related topics. I maintain certification in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR. And while I have learned a great deal I have also learned that this is a process that will continue for the rest of my life as new research is always providing us with new information about how to best care for women and babies.

I live in the Salt Lake area with my family. I have two kids now, the daughter who started this journey and the son who healed my birth heart when he was born happily at home into a midwife’s hands.