Chris Miller, CPM

Chirs Miller, CPM

Chris Miller has been helping Utah mothers experience the serenity of homebirth for 40 years. She moved to Utah from California in 1980 after having the privilege of training with many different skilled professionals. These professionals include several physicians who had home birth practices. Chris also trained and eventually shared an office with some of the first Nurse Midwives to have a home birth practice in Southern California.

Chris has become a very busy and respected midwife, and has followed and changed with many of the trends in childbirth over the years, always supporting a family’s choice of options. She supports and encourages women and their families to explore and exercise their desires in creating a special home birth or in her homelike birthing center in South Ogden.

Chris has assisted in many breech, VBAC, and twin births; she is experienced with the sometimes-challenging situations that come with the human experience of birthing.

Chris has trained many other women to follow the calling to midwifery. While in California she trained several women, one of whom became her midwifery partner for the years she worked in California. When Chris moved to Utah, she helped to educate women in the art of midwifery and has been a preceptor for midwifery students of the Utah Midwifery School, and for the Seattle Midwifery School.

Chris has eight children, the first 3 being born as naturally as possible in a hospital. After attending several births as a student midwife, she had her first home birth in 1971. She then had all her children at home with a variety of assistants, the last two were born in Utah, with the help of her husband, her sister and a student. Her youngest child was born in 1984, and 2 years later she was blessed by catching her first grandchild. Chris has since then been the midwife for 13 of her 16 grandchildren. In January of 2009, Chris had the honor of catching her first great-grandchild. Her second great-grandchild was born in December of 2011.

Chris has lived, and raised her children in North Ogden and has lived in the same home for the last 37 years. Many of the moms she has helped have come to visit and reintroduce their children to the midwife who assisted at their births, (some of these children are now late into their 30s). She has also had several opportunities to help some of these “babies” have babies!

Chris was the Lab manager for North Ogden Clinic for ten years and has worked as a paramedical examiner for 20 years. She has extensive medical and holistic experience.

Currently she is CEO of Arrivals Birth Services and is a member of several midwifery organizations.